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Complete SEO Package

OC 3.x Complete SEO Package 5.7.1

- New option to choose the exact product canonical path
- Fix manufacturer description not displayed fine
- Rich snippet status selector was working only for special price, now works also for normal price
- Fix rich snippet availability not recognized by google
- Better display of line returns into seo editor
- Url redirection can now handle multilingual
- New option to include facebook pixel
- Added facebook opengraph category
- Absolute url now works also in SSL mode
- Avoid notice in opengraph in case of empty category
- Fix [price] tag not transformed when no corresponding special group assigned
- Fix journal3 blog issue with redirect to canonical option
- If multistore seo is disabled display main store seo data
- Fix grid sitemap was not showing all products
- Fix auto rename image name was generating missing images if assigned to additional images
- Fix empty [category] or [desc] tag when using some import tool
- Fix incorrect number of generated related
- Remove duplicate commas in tag generation
- New option to also auto insert description
- Improved auto-insert auto-edit
- Compatibility with multilingual logo extensions
- Fix category sitemap not corresponding to canonical if selecting full path mode
- Prevent duplicate entry issue when copying product
- Ampersand (&) is now stripped from safe url too
- When not using multistore mode mass update will generate values for all products
- Fix undefined index description in some cases on categories and informations
- Improved upgrade from SEO Backpack
- Fix multistore sometimes displaying default url
- Do not remove space after commas in mass udpate
- Fix additional images sometimes broken when mass updating image name
- Fix seo search not returning results in some cases
- Better menu display on small screens
- Fix incorrect pagination in SEO Editor on some opencart versions
- Fix image renaming not working when changing main image product
- Fix wrong redirection when using redirect to canonical with some special chars in url parameters
- New option to choose the exact product canonical path
- Fix manufacturer description not displayed fine
- Rich snippet status selector was working only for special price, now works also for normal price

- Fixed issue with common page urls with slash in recent version
- Fix missing description editor in manufacturer
- Fix missing language flag in manafacturer
- Improved friendly search urls
- Improved friendly tag urls
- Fix issues in SEO editor manufacturers
- Display manufacturer description for journal2 twig version
- New option to not save not found url based on extension
- Fix redirection to www when using cron scripts
- Added migration tool from iSense seo backpack

- Fix "can't use return value in write context"
- Fix sitemap uncorrect lastmod date
- Fix friendly sorting in product special page
- Added journal 3 blog section in sitemap
- New option to handle extended rich snippet availability
- Fix manufacturer seo keyword not saved on OC 2.0.x
- Fix banned categories not displaying fine on OC 3
- Redirect not found page to search is now returning 404 code
  • Fix "a non-numeric value encountered in advanced_sitemap.php"
  • Sort categories by name in mass update selector
  • Absolute urls now can handle extra parameters using the wildcard *
  • Add tags for mass update with any manufacturer data
  • Get real lastmod date for products and categories in sitemap
  • New option to filter product category in mass update
  • Always display offer rich snippet
  • Fix tag as domain default store
  • Add option to disable other links in tas as domain mode
- Handle journal3 blog entries in sitemap
- Fix undefined index keyword from last update
- New option to select some sentences to delete in seo urls
- New options in sitemap to add or exclude urls
- Fix seo editor bigger than window size if some values inside are very long
- Remove words from url is now case-insensitive
- Fix "htmlspecialchars(): charset `UTF-8;' not supported" in sitemap
- Better performance in product sitemap
- Set cron with multiple parameters
- Fix strpos(): Empty needle when using empty parameter in 404 manager
- Compatiblility with OC 1.5.5
- Fix sitemap not saving on internet explorer
- Fix seo sorting not working from last update
- Do not redirect to canonical when using sorting on search page
- Better extension handling
- Full manufacturer seo data multistore and multilanguage
- New design of the mass updater
- Drag and drop on mass update tags
- Added [child] tag for category
- New generator for robots.txt
- Fix multistore seo data generator in case of more than one substore
- SEO Editor now available for sub-stores too
- New tags: attr_x opt_x cat_x
- Tag functions uppercase, lowercase, ucfirst
- Generate url redirect now generate in relative mode to avoid duplicates
- Generate url redirect in sub-stores
- Fix cron with specific parameter was also generating the parameters set in admin
- Better cron reports, including processed/updated number of items and elapsed time
- Fix parameter pagination with canonical always enabled
- Fix no flag for default lang not working if default language is different in sub-store
- index.html opens homepage