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OC 3.x Fastor - Multipurpose Responsive Opencart Theme 2.3


Fastor - является лучшим продуктом, когда-либо сделанным нами. Это наиболее мощная OpenCart тема с тоннами вариантов исполнения. Предварительно установленные модули позволяют сэкономить более $ 200 и создать магазин без дополнительных затрат. Демо контент идеальное решение, чтобы иметь готовый магазин всего за несколько кликов. Это больше, чем тема,это - бомба!
Основные преимущества:
- 60 вариантов исполнения (подойдет для любого интернет-магазина);
- 15+ предустановленных модулей стоимостью $200+;
- 15 вариантов исполнения заголовка страницы;
- мегаменю;
- блог;
- более 1000 разных настроек шаблона и т.д.

OpenCart compatibility
  • OpenCart 3.0 – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart 2.2.x – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart 2.0.x – tested: 100% compatible


  • OpenCart 2.0+ Compability – this theme is compatible with OpenCart 2.0+ and the newest releases.
  • LTR & RTL Lanugages – you can use any lanugage you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s ltr or rtl direction. Our theme support all languages.
  • Multistore Support – one admin panel to manage few store
  • Bootstrap – theme was build based on bootstrap 3
  • Compressor Code – the content of css and js files are placed in a single file, delete spaces, which allows for faster page loading. Changes made when this option is enabled will be visible after an hour
  • Demo data installer – if you want to make your shop look exactly like our demo install sample data
  • Video documentation – for this theme we provide video tutorials with instruction how to install and configure theme
  • SEO Optimized – works with OpenCart seo settings
  • PSD Files – theme include psd files for all skins (v1.0 – 1.3)

  • In Advanced Settings you can change type of each module you have set in your store. This module don’t provide big changes but only some small css changes in spaces or borders for example. Because we have many types of elements we created Live Editor for you so you can see live changes.

  • Unlimited colors – change color of each element in store, set patterns for background or upload own image
  • 600+ Google Fonts – select any font you like from Google Webfonts gallery
  • 67 Pre-made skins – all skins are included in theme and you can use anyone you want
  • Subtle pattern – select background pattern from patterns list provided by Subtlepatterns
  • 100+ Colors – change colors of each element in your new store
  • Hover effect – 10 custom hover effect for banners to choose with live preview in admin panel
  • Cart icon – upload your own cart icon and hover icon

  • Custom layout width – select from 2 pre-defined layout width or set your own
  • Spacing between columns – choose spacing size in horizontal between columns
  • Responsive – enable/disable responsive layout for your store
  • Layout type for each element – choose between fixed and full width layout for each element like top bar, header or slideshow

  • Sale & New badge – display sale and new badge on product image with custom text or % of discount for sale
  • Product number per row – define how many products shoud be displayed in one row for default module
  • Product image effect – choose effect for image hover
  • Quick view – enable or disable quick view option
  • Display elements on hover – choose which buttons you want on hover
  • Product scroll – define which default modules should scroll
  • Lazy loading for product images
  • Default view – choose between list and grid
  • Refine search – disable refine search or choose text only or text with image. You can also select how many subcategories should display per row and change subcategories image size in refine search

  • Autoupdate price on product page – different price for different colors or other atributes? No problem
  • Cloud zoom – choose zoom style on product page. This theme provide Inner cloud zoom, Cloud zoom and default
  • Product image size – 3 images size: small, medium, large
  • Additional images position – select place to display additional product images
  • Product social share – disable or enabled social share module
  • Previous / Next product – you can have feature in breadcrumb which allow yo with one click go to next or previous product
  • Radio & Checkbox button style – don’t like default radio or checkbox buttons? Change for our custom buttons

  • Quick search auto-suggest – enable or disable autocomplete in search
  • Header type – choose from 10 pre-defined header type
  • Advanced headers – more custom headers for selected skins
  • Vertical MegaMenu – decide if you want to have vertical megamenu always enabled or disabled on category or home page

  • Contact – add contact details. You can add 2 phone numbers, 2 skype profiles and 2 e-mail address
  • About us – add some information about your store
  • Facebook – add your facebook fan page. You can set height and number of faces for your likebox
  • Twitter – add twitter feed from your twitter account
  • Custom tab – here you can add what you want

  • Contact page – add custom html block on contact page
  • Product page – add custom html block on product page

  • CSS – add custom css code to your theme from admin panel
  • Javascript – add custom js code to your theme from admin panel

  • Facebook – add your facebook fan page. You can set height and number of faces for your likebox
  • Twitter – add twitter feed from your twitter account
  • Custom tab – here you can add what you want

  • Advanced Grid – create various grids with custom templates and advanced configuration. You can decide if you want to display html content, links, products, newsletter or something more. You can also load other module as the element of the column in grid.Load modules option doesn’t work in OpenCart 3.0
  • Blog – owerful module, allow you add articles, categories, manage autthors and moderate comments
  • Breadcrumb Background Image – module allow you to upload own background photo for breadcrumb
  • Camera slider – simpliest slider module we have in our theme
  • Carousel item – create content with HTML content and put it in carousel
  • Cookie – customized section with information about cookies. You can decide about the content or where and how it should be displayed
  • Custom Module – create extra content with anything you want. You can use HTML or set just text, image, video or other media
  • FAQ – question and answer, perfect for FAQ page
  • Filter product – product modules with scroll or tabs. In our pre-made skins Filter Product was used to build almost all product modules
  • Full screen background slider – nice slider in the background of your store. It’s very easy to use because it works exactly the same like camera slider.
  • Header Notice – simple header notification with HTML content.
  • MegaMenu – own MegaMenu instead of default submenu.
  • Popup – nice popup window with any content you want. It can be newsletter, contact form or custom with html content.
  • Product Blocks – extra modules on the product page. All additional modules on product pages in our pre-made skins were created with Product Blocks.
  • Product Questions – extra buttons on the product page under ADD TO CART button
  • Product tabs – create extra tabs on the product page.
  • Revolution Slider – powerfull slider module.
Mega Filter Pro
Our theme is compatible with MegaFilter Pro module. Unfortunately there is no license which allow us to include this module in our theme and it’s sold separately here:
Check hereExplore BackEnd Demo
Each skin (1.0 to 2.2) have demo admin panel. In order to login to demo admin panel just add /admin after skin url and use login details like below
  • User: demo
  • Pass: demo
Our theme is MultiStore ready and you can install sample data for each store with some restrictions. Demo content for modules: “Advanded Grid” and “Custom Module” is added as new module on the list. Demo content for other module is replaced. If you have already “MegaMenu” craeted and you install new demo content for this module, the old one will be replaced.

OpenCart compatibility
  • OpenCart 3.0.3 – tested: 100% compatible – UPDATED with TWIG files
  • OpenCart 3.0.2 – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart 2.2.x – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible
  • OpenCart 2.0.x – tested: 100% compatible
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