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OC 3.x Fastor - Multipurpose Responsive Opencart Theme 2.3

Added: Fastor for OpenCart 3.x udpated with TWIG files
Added: New default skin for OC 3.x
Fixed: MegaFilter Pro styling

20.06.2018 2.1

Fixed: Link in Fastor Theme Options
Added: Checkboxes for all forms and newsletter fields
Fixed: Twitter widget ID
Fixed: Cookie box "don't show again" checkbox removed
Fixed: Additional Pop-up in newsletter removed
Fixed: Affiliate tracking on affiliate page
Fixed: Brand redirection in QuicView
Fixed: Error 3rd level of categories on category page
Fixed: Structured data SEO for product page
Fixed: Collapse vertical megamenu on mobile devices
Fixed: Text_message error in contact form
Fixed: Facebook language
Fixed: Load fastor modules in advanced grid
Fixed: Autocomplete search in Search bar in MegaMenu
Fixed: Problem with empty column on category page
Fixed: Required fields on advanced grid
Fixed: Image uploader for blog post
Fixed: Increase NEW BADGE limit
Fixed: Increase autocomplete megamenu results in admin panel
Fixed: Product tabs - remove content problem
Fixed: Multilanguage links in MegaMenu and Advanced Grid modules
Fixed: Undefined variable error in header in firefox browser on OpenCart 3.0
Fixed: Default opencart menu in OpenCart 3.0
Added: QuickCheckout for OpenCart 3.0.2
Fixed: Breadcrumb title bug fo OpenCart 3
Fixed: Header error for OpenCart 3
Added: Compability with OpenCart (quickcheckout will be update in next few days)
Added: Compability with OpenCart 3.0 (Revolution Slider is not compatible with OpenCart 3.0)
15.01.2017 1.5
Added: Quick One-page Checkout
Added: Vertical MegaMenu for product page
Added: Collapse MegaMenu on mobile
Fixed: Fashion 7 demo on lower screens
Fixed: Category issue in OpenCart 2.2
Fixed: Product_tabs issue in OpenCart 2.3
Fixed: Small bugs and improvements
Fixed: Bug on category page in OC 2.1
Fixed: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ...header.tpl on line 250 in OC 2.1
Fixed: Errors on Account page in OpenCart 2.1
Added: 7 new skins!
Added: Fixed menu
Added: Logout button for all headers
Added: More levels of subactegory in default category module
Added: Default category module collapse on mobile
Added: Countdown translation in admin panel
Added: Information in admin panel which demo content is replaced
Improved: Google Rich Snippets
Improved: Awesome Icons update
Improved: Autocomplete list increased to 10 in admin panel
Improved: Whitespaces on mobile
Fixed: Pagination on history page
Fixed: Problem with cookie bar
Fixed: Google captcha
Fixed: Affiliate tracking on affiliate page
Fixed: Contact form is closed after message sent
Fixed: z-index issue in MegaMenu module
Fixed: Button name in MegaMenu module
Fixed: Bug with summernote editor
Fixed: Product tabs bug in OC 2.3
Fixed: MegaFilter Pro bug in OC 2.3
Fixed: Multistore permission but in OC 2.3
16.08.2016 - 1.3.7
  • Fixed: Multilanguage Revolution Slider bug for OpenCart 2.3
  • Fixed: Issue with blog post removing for OpenCart 2.3
  • Fixed: Small bug with MegaMenu for OpenCart 2.3

09.08.2016 1.3.6

  • Added: Compability with OpenCart 2.3
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