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Journal 3

OC 3.x Journal 3 3.2.0


Journal is the ultimate Opencart theme builder with best in class features and the most customizable design engine ever implemented in an Opencart theme, giving you total control over your store at any resolution.

Journal can be as simple and clean or as complex and colorful as you want it to be.

Journal is the ultimate OpenCart theme with best in class features and more than 2000 editable options giving you total control over your store. Journal can be as simple and clean or as complex and colorful as you want it to be.

Journal 3.2 is the biggest update for Journal since Journal’s first launch. We have recoded the framework almost entirely for much better integration with the core Opencart system and added radically improved performance and usability features both in the admin and storefront.

Journal 3.2 is backward compatible with existing Journal 3 projects - it works with all existing demos as they are, however, the live demos have not yet been updated to 3.2. All demos will be updated to 3.2 once the beta run is over and from that point we will create a few more demos as well.

There will be some small resets with existing options that have been reworked and some 3rd party extensions may be affected and not work anymore with Journal. These extensions will need to be re-adapted to the new Journal 3.2 codebase.

+11 Demo included
Journal 3.2 Demo preview (New)
Journal 3.2 Demo preview
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