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NitroPack is the most feature-rich speed product on the market. It is tightly integrated with Google PageSpeed Insights V4. It is designed to boost your page loading speed and improve the overall user experience. It can also improve your SEO results as search engines will be able to index your website easier due to the speed optimizations.

Final version. No further versions will be released. For more information, check here: NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework | iSenseLabs
- Improvement: Added checks for URL filenames so that we don't do the raw checks if allow_url_fopen is disabled
- Improvement: Better OcModify compatibility
- Bug fix: Fix a scrolling issue on iPhone/iPad running on Journal theme
- Removed the PageSpeed score report widget from the dashboard

NitroPack.IO is already here. It's a new cloud-based tool designed for the new Google PageSpeed Version 5 sophisticated requirements. It is created from the ground up for the new Google PageSpeed V5 working on the edge of its challenges. It does fast cloud-based auto-optimizations with hassle-free configuration. You can test it out and sign up for it on NitroPack.IO and shoot us an email at [email protected].

Why are we doing it? Google recently launched a major Version 5 update of its Google PageSpeed testing tool. This V5 update uses Lighthouse as an engine which despite being different by concept and a much more versatile testing suite — it also uses low-powered devices to measure the scripts runtime and the painting time (see release notes). We had to start from scratch and create a tool for the new Lighthouse-based algorithm. While evaluating the way the new algorithm works, we discovered that proceeding with a self-hosted solution will not be feasible if you want to get a good result, hence a much better-optimized website. This is how we arrived at NitroPack.IO and opening it via connector extensions and API. We also attracted top talent and funded the new tool from world-class investors with solid web scalability expertise.

What happens with the existing self-hosted NitroPack extension? The existing NitroPack extension will still make your website faster and improve your Google PageSpeed score, but it will not necessarily get you an awesomely great Google score if measured from the new Google PageSpeed V5. Although the existing NitroPack extension will continue working as expected, we plan to cut technical support for it on March 5, 2020, as it will be obsolete for the new Google speed requirements by that time. All existing NitroPack users will be eligible to switch to NitroPack.IO, by getting a subscription fee waiver equal to the old license price paid.
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